Milwaukee, I Love You

It's 60 degrees and sunny. In February. In Wisconsin. So yeah... definitely not thrilled about the whole global warming implications of today but then again, it's hard to stay mad when there's so much love in the air right now. And with that in mind, I dedicate this post to the love affair I've been having with the city I have called home for the past seven years. Milwaukee, I love you.

I know it's not on a lot of people's list of top places to be, but Milwaukee is seriously underestimated in it's ability to wow. We've got beer, street festivals, and an arts and culture scene that continues to inspire and amaze. Not to mention the fact that due to our harsh winters, most Milwaukeeans spend those cold months plotting and preparing to party-it-up the second the thermometer reads anything above 50. In one day you could hit up a beer garden, check out a neighborhood farmer's market, catch the Brewers at Miller Park, and probably have time to see some local music spilling out of Linneman's, Company Brewing, or Mad Planet. Milwaukee isn't the type of city to be want for entertainment.

I could ramble on and on so I'll just let these snapshots speak for themselves and just say, thank you Milwaukee. You keep doing you, and I'll keep doing me. You have been an excellent host to my burgeoning adulthood, introducing me to new experiences, and new perspectives. Till the next 60 degree day (and may it be a little more seasonably appropriate).