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I may not be exactly known for it but I am definitely a procrastinator when it comes to posting photos, as my family and friends are quick to remind me. I've for sure been getting better with the start of this blog (and the fact that it has been a part of my new year resolutions for the past two years) but I'm still the girl with a Facebook album series entitled Bet You Don't Even Remember Me Taking These Photos. So in an ode to my old ways, I'm finally debuting some shots from a little over a year ago, you know, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens reigned supreme and we all still held hope for the wonders of 2016.

Since I moved to Wisconsin as a High School sophomore, I never got to experience a field trip to the capitol in Madison like many of my peers. As a college student, visiting my friends, I had only ever walked outside the the big white dome, admiring it's all-roads-lead-to-me vibe it was laying out. So when my two friends, Auriana and Jenny, and I rolled in to town to visit Auriana's parents for the weekend, I pounced on the chance to see inside this gleaming temple of architectural magic. And it did not disappoint. Holy gorgeousness is all I can say.

After we feasted our eyes on the engineering equivalent of #foodporn and felt fully satiated, we decided to take another detour to one of Auriana's favorite spots in high school. I love going back with my friends to where they grew up and where they use to go before I met them. I feel like it's so personal and nostalgic for them, yet also comforting to me, knowing that the people I love now were doing similar things to what I was doing, in another town, in another state. Like had we known each other earlier in life, we would have gotten along just fine.

First stop, dad's house, and oh, hello gorgeous glass-walled sunroom that makes everyone look like they're in a lifestyle photoshoot! And did I mention Skippy, the adorable Jack Russell that lived there? I know. Jackpot. Hanging out and shootin'-the-shit in this sunny winter wonderland was just what the doctor ordered, which coincidentally, Jenny was as she had gotten her tonsils removed recently and needed to take it easy. Good thing being a blanket goddess suits her.

After a bowl of tomato soup and an episode of Adventure Time, we headed off to Auriana's mom's house where we would be spending the night. Now when I say this house is insanely cool, that's probably an understatement. This house has already been featured in prominent Madison magazines and was designed completely by Amy Gilliland-Lloyd, Auriana's mom. She had a part in every doorknob, every sink (for which each bathroom has a completely different style), and every countertop. Everything in this house was carefully thought driven and it shows. A perfect example would be the kitchen where Amy has all of the countertops, cabinets, sinks, and stove measured for her height (aka slightly taller than standard). Her washing machine and dryer are on the second floor by her bedroom because why would you drag all your clothes downstairs just to haul them upstairs when they're clean? Genius, sheer genius. Anyways, the list goes on but I'll share a few little moments I captured...

And with that, sweet prince, concludes this tour of Katie's trip to Madison. I would like to thank all of my gracious hosts for the weekend and give a shout-out to 2017. May you not be the blossoming of the apocalypse you're pretending to be, and may you not kill as many celebrities as your predecessor 2016. Thank you.