photo by April Zelenka

photo by April Zelenka

Hey there, I’m Katie and I'm the Milwaukee-based photographer behind Pilcrow Studios. I know, kind of a funny name but when you study typography for four years, you start to learn a lot of funny names for everyday things. In my case, I’m here to help start a new train of thought, to help people see things from a new perspective.

My goal is to show the beauty in the everyday, to make remarkable images of the seemingly unremarkable. I like to find interesting juxtapositions that cause one to pause on an image and actually absorb it, to go against that fast paced trend-to-headline mentality that is constantly being ingrained in us. I love photographing people’s moments in life, capturing things that they are too busy enjoying so that they can, in fact, enjoy themselves.

I specialize in candid, quirky, genuine images. My style however is based on an obsession with composition, comfortably marrying that with a keen, natural eye and a timeless air.

When I’m not hidden behind the lens of a camera, you can find me perfecting my rosetta as a backstage barista or reading on the couch with my adorable pit bull Zoë.

. . . . . .

I am available for freelance assignments, events, personal portraits, assistant work, and beyond so please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call.


phone: 920.574.5459